Compost International
Saving the earth one compost heap at a time



Compost is the assisted decay of organic matter.

Compost is humans' efforts to create humus

Compost is the solution to most ecological problems

Compost is the portal to a sustainable lifestyle  

Compost is a frame of mind


Making and using compost has numerous far-reaching benefits, which I truly believe can fix or at least mitigate most of the ecological problems facing us today.


o       prevents the loss of soil nutrients

o       reduces the strain on landfills

o       reduces the cost of solid waste management

o       reduces pollution

o       reduces erosion

o       reduces pesticide use

o       improves the health of the soil

o       improves the health of the plants

o       improves the health of the animals that eat the plants

o       improves the lives of people who live off the soil

   Perhaps most important of all, making and using compost develops a mind set that puts the good of the world above convenience.  Composters practice the three R's - reduce, re-use and recycle, and they fight an active War on Waste.