Compost International
Saving the earth one compost heap at a time




A site intended to educate and inspire the world to feed the soil by returning to it all organic material through the wonderful process known as composting.

Making compost is as easy as piling up weeds, kitchen scraps, yard trimmings, leaves and so on and leaving them to rot quietly, or as complicated as manipulating the ingredients in your pile to make customized composts to suit individual plants.

Advantages of compost:
·    Improves soil structure increasing aeration
·    Improves water retention
·    Neutralizes soil pH
·    Increases microbial activity
·    Increases availability of nutrients
·    Eliminates need for chemical fertilizers
·    Neutralizes many toxins
·    Increases plants' resistance to disease
·    Kills pathogens in the soil
·    Reduces need for pesticides
·    Keeps organic matter out of landfills

·    None that I can think of




July 22, 2017